Maoneng Sustainable Energy

Creating a brand presence and experience overhaul to showcase renewable energy at the heart of Maoneng.


UX Design • Website Design   •  Visual identity  •  Refreshed design system


The brief

We were tasked to create a unified experience to showcase the breadth of offering and scale of operation across Australia’s solar farms. Maoneng needed to communicate their strengths effectively and place themselves in the top tier of sustainable energy. The challenge was to showcase and celebrate growth while educating local communities of positive changes.



The solution

By developing a simpler and cohesive user experience across multiple websites and touch points, we grouped everything under one umbrella. By creating a ‘one stop shop’ for investors, communities and interested parties, we strengthened the brand presence and elevated the user experience to work perfectly across all devices. Especially useful for clients in the field.

We created a community newsletter and FAQ’s for concerned locals strengthening the support around solar power.


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Desktop HD.png
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Transcendence Case Study


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