Creating a brand presence to showcase renewable energy at the heart of Maoneng

Developing a simple and cohesive user experience

We strengthened the brand presence and elevated the user experience to work perfectly.

A one stop shop for investors

By creating a ‘one stop shop’ for investors, communities and interested parties, things get a little easier.

Seamless across all last

We created a unified experience to showcase the breadth of offering and scale of operation across Australia’s solar farms, across all devices.

A place to help concerned communities understand solar

We created a community section for concerned locals, strengthening the support around solar power.

An overview on the sheer scale of it all

An interactive map to see the bigger picture. Want to dig deeper? No problem.

A simpler way to get in touch

An easy way to get in touch, get directions and talk to Maoneng directly, offering more transparency as a company.


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