A disruptive blockchain solution for renewable energy

Simplified user experience to showcase strengths

We created a simplified user experience across desktop and mobile which not only communicated their strengths effective, also re-positioned their brand as thought leaders in the market.

Brand repositioned as leaders in the market

Placing Transcendence and their partners as top game players in the ICO market by communicating their strengths and differentiating them from their competition. After all, they are the first ever blockchain platform for sustainable infrastructure.

More community involvement = more revenue

We offered early access tokens to purchases, on-boarding and rewarding early adopters.

Refreshed image library to kick off a new phase

A brand new and improved image library. Taking the company from corporate to human.

Seamless across all devices, decreasing drop outs

We worked hard to make this experience seamless. We understand that the smallest barrier can increase in sign ups dropping out by the thousands.

A refreshed global design language

A new and improved global design system that accounts for everything. We now have a design system that works for anything we throw at it.


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